Blue Note CD Cases

Welcome and Thanks for Your Interest

We are a producer of quality, attractive CD cases for use by corporate and private venues. To meet our inventory demands we are currently adding to our team of home producers to assemble these cases according to our design.

The cases are simple and easy to make using paper, ribbon and glue and easy instructions provided.

Blue Note will pay you $81.80 for one complete unit of 50 CD cases. Up to 5 units of CD cases may be submitted per week making $409.00

How to Get Started

Get started by ordering an instruction kit. This kit includes: Patterns, templates, step by step instructions and enough supplies to assemble 3 CD cases. This is a one time deposit of $28.95 and $7.95 for shipping and handling. The deposit will be reimbursed once you have sent in your 6th unit of accepted CD cases.
A sample CD case to look at while you work can be purchased for $5.00.

Quality Sells

You must send in one assembled CD case for inspection. Once it has passed inspection, the remaining supplies to complete one unit of 50 CD cases will be sent to you. When assembled according to our specifications, mail to the company, where they will be inspected.  After verifying the quality and that a complete set has been accomplished, a payment of $81.80 will be mailed to you within seven business days. You will be reimbursed for postage. You are considered an Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) It is your responsibility to keep track of and report what you earn yourself. Sorry, we are not able to accept units containing less than 50 CD cases.



You will have 60 days from the time you receive your instruction kit to complete and submit your first unit! For inventory purposes, you must send in a minimum of one unit every 60 days.


You may order by phone at (800) 537-6133 or online. You may pay by personal check, money order or credit card. Credit card orders will be shipped the following business day, first class U.S. mail.